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Olá, I'm Susete

If you're here there's a high chance you love the subject food-health-happiness. Or maybe, you read my book, saw my interviews, social media posts or online articles. No matter the path you took, I´m glad you're here. This site is full of yummy resources and ideas that can help you to CLARIFY something very important. If you want to EAT HEALTHY, first you need to learn HOW TO EAT SAFE.
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Fun fact: 40% of foodborne cases are happening in private homes!

Food is our first medicine, if handled properly! The way we handle food from the store, all the way to our plate will define if our food is our medicine or our poison. Unsafe food causes more than 600 million people (1 in 10) to fall ill and 420,000 to die worldwide every year. Its impact cost economies around $95 billion in lost productivity. In Europe, despite all the food safety regulations and consumer education, every single year 23 million people fall sick after eating contaminated food and 5,000 lose their lives. And guess what? Believe it or not, 40% of the reported foodborne cases were “cooked” and consumed in private homes. Educate yourself and protect you and your family.


  • Workshop. Discover the 4 steps to protect you, and your baby, from the main food-borne illness during pregnancy.

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  • THE HOME COOKING CODE (for modern families) The free digital course, that teaches all the basics you need to know, to keep you and your family away from contaminated food. Uncover the secrets on how to buy, prepare, cook, and store safe and healthy food.

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  • Not sure about the difference between cleaning and sanitizing? Get rid of all bacteria and secret moulds that are living in your kitchen, poisoning your food and making you feel sick.

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  • Not sure how to choose the right restaurant. There are some details that will make a big difference. Be smart and choose the restaurants that keep food safety on their menu. This guide will teach you how to spot them.

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What My Clients Have To Say

  • I would describe Susete as a very knowledgeable expert passionate about her field of expertise: food and health. Soothing, understanding, and helpful person. I totally recommend her to every woman who wants to live a healthier and happier life.

    Yulia Gvozdeva International Business Consultant, Moscow, Russia
  • When I first contacted Susete, to know more about her health coaching program, I already knew how professional she is. However, I was not sure how she could help me in finding more balance, health, and overall wellbeing. In the beginning, I was hesitating as I didn't want a very strict program. I was looking for something tailored to my lifestyle. And it ends out that Susete designed something achievable, smooth, and easy to apply. She taught me to accept my body, respect bio-individuality, and be a smarter eater. I would describe Susete and a very good communicator, empathetic, affectionate, and caring. I would definitely recommend Susete Program to all busy moms looking to find a balance between food, mind, and health.

    Carla Cristina Mom of 2, Founder of Real Life Concierge, Portimão, Portugal
  • Susete is incredibly acknowledged about what she’s doing in terms of food and health. Susete loves what she is doing, you can feel it, she doesn’t do it for money or visibility. She does it, just because she loves helping people and teach about safe and healthy eating. Every time I was amused talking with her as she’s really professional and acknowledged. If I would recommend Susete? Of course, she’s really incredible, always following her.

    Salvo Sardo Italian Chef, "Free-From" Foods Expert, Dubai, U.A.E.
  • When I approached Susete I was looking to know more about safe and healthy eating. However, as a family mom, I was not sure how she could tailor her services to my lifestyle. Time passed by and I now I call Susete my “Kitchen Angel”. One of the things I like the most in Susete is her friendliness combined with her professionalism. I not only recommend her services but I also recommend her book, which helped me a lot to “survive” the pandemic.

    Susana Cardoso Mom of Two, Teacher, São Martinho do Porto, Portugal
  • Susete is to me a reference when it comes to the food subject. The way she shares knowledge and wisdom is very pragmatic and innovative. Following her work empowered me to invest in a new master. I am now studying Sciences of Food Consumption.

    Alexandra Sofia Photographer, designer and gastronomist
  • The best book I've ever read about food systems and home food safety. Very enlightening and clear communication. Susete Estrela, whom I personally admire, explains in a way that after reading the book and listening to her, I feel more empowered to share the message around. And, am now cooking and eating safer than ever.

    Ana Maria Ferreira Mom of 3, Interior Decorator
  • Susete really knows, how to guide you and explain the scenes behind food safety. She makes it sound so easy to understand food, that you feel like an expert.

    Vitor José Orthotic expert and cycling addict
  • A very dedicated person in everything she does, very competent in the work she does, because in addition to having a lot of knowledge about food and health, she knows how to work very well with people. Apart from work, Susete is an incredible person, who is always willing to help people without expecting anything in return. I would recommend Susete with my eyes closed.

    Angelica Beck Founder of Beck Virtual, Porto Alegre, Brazil
  • Working with Susete was a life-changing experience. I was coached on how to set goals for myself: eating habits, fitness, sleeping habits. I learned more than I expected in just 6 sessions while having fun at the same time. Yes, it possible. My initial challenge was finding a balance between sleeping and food cravings. Now, I know how to listen to my body. I´m forever grateful for meeting Susete.

    Andreia Gomes VIP Flight Attendant, Dubai, U.A.E.
  • Before starting Susete´s program my initial hesitation was whether I could fit the sessions on my busy agenda. What amazes me the most about her 6-month program is the naturalness and truth of the subjects covered, she looks at you from a holistic perspective, she integrates food, health, and emotions. Susete is someone who knows how to listen to you judgment-free. She knows how to walk in your shoes, being a guide on your side, always with a friendly smile. Susete has a gift. She has the ability to put things in a perspective and makes them look simpler, easier, and achievable. I definitely recommend her work. I love her energy, the way she raises food and health awareness, and provides you a sense of security - you definitely are in good hands.

    Catarina Peredo Mom of a Boy, Teacher, Cascais, Portugal

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