7 dicas para beber mais água


Not very far from today, the act of drinking enough water was something almost impossible for me.

During those times, just looking at a big bottle of water was more than enough to make me feel drowned.

The human body is made largely of water which keeps it running smoothly, whether it’s helping cells grow, delivering oxygen, regulating body temperature and more.

Here are my favorite 7 tips to boost your water intake.

1. Infuse your water

If water is too bland for your taste, try adding refreshing slices of lemon, cucumber, lime, strawberries, or mint—the possibilities are endless! When you’re on the go, you can even pack an infuser water bottle.

2. Add fizz

Naturally flavored carbonated water is becoming more and more popular as people cut out sugary sodas, and it’s a great alternative to hydrate yourself if you can’t stand the taste of water. Just keep in mind that some experts say it may erode tooth enamel in large quantities, especially if you’re adding a fresh squeeze of citrus fruit for the taste. 

3. Buy a giant water bottle

For some, drinking water is all about convenience. When you’re too busy to leave your desk (even though you know you should leave your desk regularly to avoid the effects of being sedentary), a large bottle of water can help you stay hydrated. 

4. Eat hydrating foods

Water is found in many foods that you can add to your diet for extra hydration. Cucumbers, apples, and peppers are just a few of the water powerhouses to choose from. Bonus: Most hydrating foods are packed with vitamins. 

5. Keep track

Tally how many glasses of water you’re drinking each day. Simply jot it down in a notebook or download a fitness app to help you. After all, you may only think you’re drinking enough water.  

6. Keep a mini-fridge nearby

If you live in a two-storied house, stash some water in a mini-fridge upstairs. Likewise, if your office is far from the kitchen, keep a cooler or small fridge nearby.  If you simply can’t leave your office on busy days, a standing desk placed near your water-filled mini fridge can keep you hydrated and healthy. 

7. Give water to guests

Offer visitors a glass of water when they arrive and pour one for yourself in the process. Although this isn’t a daily habit, it’s particularly useful during the holidays when loved ones are in town. (Plus, it’s polite!) At the office, place a pitcher of water on the table for all to enjoy during meetings. 

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