Olá, I´m Susete

Happy to have you here! 

I was born in the late 70’s,  in a small Portuguese town, surrounded by the sea and the mountains and where apples and pears have a superb taste.

My family has been working in the farm since ever. Growing up in a farm means helping with everything is needed. From raising animals, planting vegetables, picking fruits, selling in the market I have done it all. That was my life until the day I graduated as a Food Engineer. 

When I was 25, my life took a devastating turn. At the time I was a newly graduated Food Engineer, starting my own consulting company and working hard as a female solopreneur. 

Despite trying everything, in 2004, I lost my 49 years-old father, after 4 years fighting against a colon cancer, a disease that runs in the family. During those times I promised myself to dig deeper into the global food system to understand it in a holistic way and how it relates with our health. This is why I´m also a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.

Born shy, today, and after many years working on myself, I became an intuitive communicator. Reason why, and after launching my first book, in 2018, I have been the go-to person in Portuguese media, for safe and healthy eating. 

Some photos to illustrate my professional background, from a humble family farm to the most luxurious hotel in the world, I have worked across many food systems, in and out of Portugal.
Susete Estrela Picking Strawberries - Strawberry Farm
Susete Estrela´s father taught her how to drive a tractor when she was only 9 years old
Susete Estrela - Food Safety Expert for a Huge Anual Gastronomic Event in Caldas da Rainha, from 2004-20013
Susete Estrela featured as the Food Safety Expert for one of the largest Gastronomic Events in Portugal. Something new for that time. August 2004
Susete Estrela at European Court of Audits, promoting a Portuguese food industry. Luxembourg, April 2014
Susete Estrela invited as a speaker to a Jeronimo Martins Event, Lisbon, June 2014
Susete Estrela with Chef Harris Leong at Burj Al Arab, the most luxurious hotel in the world. Dubai, February 2018
Susete Estrela, between meetings, in The Private Dining Room at At.mosphere - The highest restaurant in the world
Susete Estrela in Beef City- Australia. JBS is the largest (by sales) meat processing company in the world
I also had my own food factory, created my own brands and sold them across the main supermarket chains, in and out of Portugal.
I left this business when I realized that my tasty goodies  were not doing good to my health. So I took a hard, but simple, decision: if they are not good for me I will not sell them anymore. 

Susete Estrela, holding her certificate of selection, with Ms. Kim Sayer, U.S. Ambassadress in Portugal. Susete was selected by a female entrepreneurship program, supported by the U.S. Embassy in Portugal, March 2015.

Susete Estrela has been attending Gulfood, the world’s largest annual food and beverage trade exhibition, in Dubai, since 2009.

Meaning Over Money!

So, in September 2019, while working in Dubai and 17 years after starting my career, I decide to quit corporate. I knew it was time to fulfill my life purpose. I was sure what to do next – helping people, to find a peaceful and happy relationship with their body throughout holistic food knowledge. As a farm girl, food engineer, food safety trainer, food entrepreneur and integrative health coach I was ready to take the leap.

But not before…

taking some sabbatical time, traveling around Asia as a female solo traveler. From the luxurious Dubai life to the backpacker streets in Southeast Asia, those 2 months, traveling solo, gave me one of the best experiences of my life. I was finally ready for my midlife career change.

A sneak peak of my sabbatical in Southeast Asia…

Pune, India
Wat Pa Tam Wua, Forest Buddhist Monastery , Mae Hong Son, Thailand
Chiang Mai, Thailand
Strawberry Trail, Mae Hong Son, Thailand
Angkor Wat, Cambodia
Ninh Binh, Vietnam
Sapa, Vietnam
Hoi an, Vietnam
Food market, Hoi an, Vietnam
Balinese compound house. Ubud, Bali
Ocean Swing (Datu Swing) in Gili Islands - Indonesia
KL Tower Mini Zoo - Malaysia

I’m now back in Portugal,

ready to honor my father’s memory, empower food guardians and raise consumer awareness on the importance of safe and healthy eating towards a HAPPY LIFE.


I am a Food Engineer, 5 years degree, with 17+ years of experience, graduated from Universidade do Algarve, Portugal;

Sales Management Expert graduated from Católica Lisbon Business & Economics, Portugal

I am also a Certified Integrative Health Coach graduated from  Institute for Integrative Nutrition, in New York, USA. 


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