A Perfect Fresh Juice – How to Order It?

Ever wonder how fresh is your juice? Anytime I’m about to order a juice, I always wonder for how long is that “fresh juice” seating there. I used to feel sorry for the waitress, ending drinking that displayed juice. But lately, I have more and more respect for my health and happiness. So, yes! No matter how many juices they have there ready to sell. I order my own a la minute.

Here are my 5 tips to order a fresh juice:

  • the juice presser needs to be properly cleaned – You have to trust the person or the place, in case you can’t see the kitchen;
  • the fruit needs to be cleaned;
  • accept only a juice that was made after your order
  • avoid drinking the ones “we just made it this morning”
  • the personal hygiene of the person who’s making it is a must!

A juice that was there for “just” 10 minutes it’s already an “old” juice.


Because vitamins and enzymes are very sensitive to light.

So time is health

If you want to get the best out of your juice, pay only for the ones freshly squeezed.

Have a look at how much life & good energy has this papaya juice, I had in Bali. I waited for 10 minutes. But look at that vitamins dancing inside those bubbles :).


  1. Ana Maria

    Acontece ver em alguns locais jarros de sumo de laranja prontos a consumir…não sabia que o sumo tem que ser feito no ato do pedido… foi interessante saber ….

    1. Susete

      Olá Ana,

      a ideia é: quanto mais fresco, mais vivo :).
      Bons sumos e evite os de jarro, que já lá estão há horas.

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