Healthy Pantry Makeover

Together we will identify the items that sabotage your health. Learn how to stock your pantry with healthy and safe food, only!

Apenas 297.00 IVA incl.

Pantry and kitchen makeovers may sound like a cosmetic undertaking, however, when it comes to your health it’s all about purging out “food” what is processed and engineered in a lab with painstaking precision to appear to be real food when it is anything but (trust me, I am an experienced food engineer and I know what I am saying).

We can easily mistake boredom for hunger.

Face it, when you’re home alone in the house especially if you work from home, people can easily mistake boredom for hunger. Being only one to two rooms away from unhealthy, but engineered to taste good foods can sometimes be too tempting to resist. You’re not alone. I’ve designed this part of my overall program to help people with snacking on the wrong kinds of foods.

This Healthy Pantry Makeover is an excellent add-on to consider as part of my 6-Month Holistic Program – Find Your Food Freedom!

It can be nerve-racking to have someone go through your refrigerator and cabinets. This activity simply gives me a better idea of the foods you eat on a daily basis and will allow me to tailor the 6-Month Program to your individual needs even more.

Reading labels together

Labels can sometimes be confusing, but as a Food Engineer who dedicated 18 years to the label creation, I can help simplify them by offering you a few guidelines for choosing nutritious and safer foods based on labels.

Looking for dietary trends

Are there a lot of convenience foods? sweet foods? salty foods? Is one food group overrepresented? This can help me offer you more nutritious alternatives while still providing options that align with your lifestyle preferences.

Developing actionable and realistic goals

We will work together to develop small changes that you are ready to commit to. I am not expecting a giant overhaul all at once. In fact, starting with small, sustainable changes will help create a long-term shift that can be built upon little by little over time.

Discussing how food is typically prepared

Based on the foods you have in your pantry we will discuss about the meals you typically make during the week. We will talk about cooking methods, flavors, and oils used. We both know that just because something is in the kitchen, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s being consumed. Is the produce you buy actually being eaten or does it get lost in the back of the refrigerator and go bad? Maybe that bag of lentils has been on the shelf for longer than you would like to admit. Asking how you put different foods together to make up meals and snacks will give us a better idea of how the food you have plays a role in your diet and which foods you gravitate toward.

Listening and being supportive 

The last thing I want to do in a healthy pantry makeover is to dictate a hundred different things for you to change. I will be there to hear your concerns and learn what drives your food choices. I will be there to offer support as you head into a new dietary territory. It is a nonjudgmental session to help you explore what is doable now and where you are interested in making changes.

My Healthy Pantry Makeover is NOT about depriving you of foods that truly bring you pleasure.  It’s about creating an awareness of how to balance nutrition and enjoyment (spoiler alert, they totally intersect!)…

…Along with some Home Food Safety tips, perfect to protect you and your family´s health and cut food waste.

I recommend pairing a Healthy Pantry Makeover with a Private Smart Shopper Tour so that we can restock your kitchen with foods to help you create healthier and safer meals.

Together we will: 

  • Identify items that sabotage your health
  • Recommend “must-have” items to keep stocked at all times
  • Do’s and don’ts of processed foods
  • Beneficial spices and herbs
  • How to arrange your pantry
  • Discuss cookware and toxins
  • Inventory of small appliances and what the healthiest choices are
  • Introduce the 4 must-have practices for home food safety


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