Grocery Smart Shopper Tour

How to go for groceries and come back home without being fooled by the marketing tricks. This will improve your shopping experience and, ultimately, your health.

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For many, visiting a large supermarket can be an incredibly overwhelming experience. Around every corner, there are thousands of products perfectly packaged to lure you in, despite your healthiest intentions. As you shop for groceries, be a food detective – really investigate what your store has to offer and always check out the ingredients in the products you’re buying. Remember, just because a product made it onto the shelf doesn’t mean it’s necessarily good for you!

I have put together my favorite tips and tricks for navigating each section of the supermarket. With me on your side, you will approach your supermarket with a newfound confidence that will improve your shopping experience and, ultimately, your health.

The grocery store can be a nightmarish collection of dietary pitfalls if you don’t know how to properly shop.  I will head into your favorite grocery store together armed with a list, a food safety checklist, and a budget.  I’ll show you tricks to avoid falling prey to creative food company marketing so that you come home with foodstuffs that will nourish and delight you and your family!

I recommend scheduling a Healthy Pantry Makeover before a Grocery Smart Shopper Tour so that we have a clean slate to work with!


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