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Raw Chicken: Why you should never wash it

When you wash raw chicken you’re spreading bad bacteria and other germs all over you, your fashion clothes, your vegetables around the sink and your beautiful kitchen…  

Some bacteria are especially dangerous for young children and elderly people, like your kids, mother or grandfather. 

When we speak about chicken most people, have heard of SalmonellaSalmonella is so famous as Madonna  But have you ever heard about another chicken-meat fan, named Campylobacter jejuni bacteria? 

Oh yeah, this bacteria is not so famous as Salmonella. And …Guess what? 

YOU CAN´T see it…YOU CAN´T smell it… YOU CAN´T taste it…BUT, if it affects you, YOU WON´T FORGET IT.  

The only way to kill “any” bacteria present, including Campylobacter, is to cook chicken thoroughly… making sure it´s steaming hot all the way through, with NO PINK meat. 

It’s always important to remember that the only way to kill bad bacteria in our raw chicken is to use the heat as our best friend. In our kitchen some threats are like in our lives, just because we can´t see it, doesn´t mean they aren´t there. Can you see the cold wind? I can´t…But I know it exists because I feel it  Campylobacter infections typically cause abdominal pain and diarrhea for between two and five days.

Campylobacter jejuni is the second most common cause of food poisoning in Europe… This “PopStar” causes more cases of food poisoning than E.coliListeria, and Salmonella put together.  


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