Morangos de S. Valentim: Como Lavar e Guardar?

Strawberry For Valentine´s Day: How to Store and Wash?

The optimum storage temperature for strawberries in the home is 32° to 36°F (0° to 2°C) and 90-95% humidity to prevent water loss and shriveling. However, our home refrigerator is usually at 5-8ºC. So…If you want to prolong your Strawberry shelf life, store the fruits in the crisper drawer of your refrigerator, WITHOUT WASHING.  Keep strawberries packaged in closed plastic clamshell containers or place fruit in a partially opened plastic bag to maintain high humidity.

Strawberries can only be stored for up to 7 days, under optimum conditions, and that shelf life also depends on how ripe the fruit was when purchased or picked.  Strawberries should be WASHED JUST BEFORE EATING or preserving. Washing will add moisture and will cause the berries to spoil more rapidly. 

HOW TO WASH: Sort fruit and discard unripe, overripe, or defective fruit. Rinse strawberries thoroughly under cool running water, drain in a clean strainer, and pat dry with a clean paper towel. For maximum cleaning, gently rub each berry under the running water. Washing strawberries in a sink filled with water IS NOT recommended since the standing water can spread contamination from one berry to another. Remove and discard the green cap (leafy part) before slicing berries. Wash hands, knives, and surfaces before and after the preparation of berries.

DON´T USE  soap or detergent to wash fruits and vegetables because the fruit can absorb detergent residues (toxic). Washing will add moisture and will cause the berries to spoil more rapidly.  To maintain quality, cut or sliced strawberries should be covered and refrigerated if they are not eaten within 2 hours of preparation. Be willing to learn more about Food and Food Safety. Become your Family Food Guardian because Food Poisoning is NOT Romantic on Valentine’s Day.

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