Honey is one of my favorite foods. Especially when I need to recover from a bad cold.

Honey is full of benefits and in order to keep them, we should not warm up more than 40ºC.

White Honey Tasting - The Dubai Mall Susete Estrela a provar mel branco.
White Honey Tasting – The Dubai Mall

So the brilliant idea of melting the honey, using the microwave, is not that brilliant.

A worker Bee needs to visit around 1000 flowers to fill the tiny stomach with nectar (the future honey), fly back to the beehive and do this back and forward trip again and again.

We can enjoy the pleasure of eating honey, because of these little, beautiful and smart insects.

Bees work so hard, so hard, that actually they produce more honey than they actually need to feed themselves. Lucky us. God Bless Bees.

Since a very early age, I was taught how to choose and buy the best honey. Portugal has one of the best kinds of honey in Europe and maybe in the world.

But one of these days I just had an AMAZING SURPRISE. I tasted WHITE HONEY.

White honey, Dubai Farmers Market
White honey, Dubai Farmers Market

Yes, never before I saw white honey in Portugal not even during my different trips.

So I was, still, I am really amazed.

This is so good but so good, that is one of my addictions now. In case you have visited Kyrgyzstan white honey might not be a surprise for you. And you may know that Kyrgyzstan, officially, has some of the best honey in the world.

Filling a jar of white honey
Filling a jar of white honey

This white honey that I have here on my side, which I use to eat and to do my homemade face mask, is a rich, rare, raw and very pure honey and intensely floral in taste and aroma.

Made solely from the nectar of wildflowers that bloom during the summer in the pristine alpine meadows on the Eastern side of Lake Issyk-Kul.

The bees living and working in this part of the world are the main stars of this white gold.

Susete Estrela buying white honey - The Dubai Mall
Buying white honey – The Dubai Mall


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